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Recent Publications

Mapping the developmental structure of stereotyped and individual-unique behavioral spaces in C. elegans

Early-life experience reorganizes neuromodulatory regulation of stage-specific behavioral responses and individuality dimensions during development

Ali Nasser R., Harel Y. and Stern S.

eLife (2023)

Neuromodulatory Control of Long-Term Behavioral Patterns and Individualuty across Development

Stern S., Kirst C., and Bargmann CI.

Cell (2017), 171:1649-1662.

All publications

Elgart M., Stern S., Elgart M., Salton O., Gnainsky Y., Heifetz Y., Soen Y. (2016) Impact of gut microbiota on the fly’s germ line Nat. Commun. 7:11280.


*Fridmann-Sirkis Y., *Stern S., Elgart M., Galili M., Zeisel A., Shental N., Soen Y. (2014)  Delayed development induced by toxicity to the host can be inherited by a bacterial-dependent, transgenerational effect. Front Genet. 5:27. *Equal contribution


*Stern S, *Snir O, Mizrachi E, Galili M, Zaltsman I, Soen Y. (2014) Reduction in maternal Polycomb levels contributes to transgenerational inheritance of a response to toxic stress in flies. J Physiol. 592(11):2343-55. *Equal contribution


Amir A., Zeisel A., Zuk O., Elgart M., Stern S., Shamir O., Turnbaugh PJ., Soen Y., Shental N. (2013)  High-resolution microbial community reconstruction by integrating short reads from multiple 16S rRNA regions. Nucleic Acids Res 41(22):e205.


Stern S., Fridmann-Sirkis Y., Braun E., Soen Y. (2012) Epigenetically heritable alteration of fly development in response to toxic challenge. Cell Reports 1:528-542.

* Science Editor’s Choice: Purnell BA, Stressful for the Long Haul, Science 336, pp. 780 (2012).


Katzir Y., Stolovicki E., Stern S., Braun E. Cellular plasticity enables adaptation to unforeseen cell-cycle rewiring challenges (2012). PLoS One. 7(9): e45184.


Rosenzweig D., Smith D., Opperdoes F., Stern S., Olafson B. And Zilberstein D.. Retooling Leishmania metabolism: from sandfly gut to human macrophage (2008) FASEB J. 22(2):590-60.


Stern S., Dror T., Stolovicki E., Brenner N. and Braun E. Genome-wide transcriptional plasticity underlies cellular adaptation to novel challenge (2007) Molecular Systems Biology 3:106.

* News & Views accompanying this article by Koonin E. (Molecular Systems Biology 3:107, 2007)

* EMBO Editors pick  (EMBO Encounters,issue 8, 2007).

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